Mystery Shirt

Mystery Shirt

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Mystery Shirt (Adult)

You select your size, I select your design. Trust me, you won’t regret it. It might be something already in the inventory or it could be a new design that hasn’t hit the store. That’s right!! You could be the first one to sport a new design. 

This listing is for ONE random T-shirt with a design on the front. Customer will select their designated (unisex) size, but the shirt color and design/design color will be completely random. Designs will be 'neutral' in that they are not specific to any sort of role/job (i.e. 'mom shirts' or 'teacher shirts').

By purchasing this listing, you are agreeing that your shirt is to be RANDOMLY selected. If you have previously purchased from me, I cannot guarantee that you will not receive a repeat design from me.

Mystery T-shirt designs may include designs not currently listed. Due to the significantly reduced price of the mystery t-shirt, colors/patterns cannot be requested.